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CEO / Director Of Operations / Expert Trainer

Felicia Valenti

Felicia is a U.S. Navy Veteran, CEO and Director of Operations at Shades Of Blu Dog Training, Woof Gang Rehab & Rescue, and Served And Saved Service Dogs. She has worked with and volunteered training shelter dogs for 13 years, and has been training clients professionally for 7 years. Felicia moved to Hampton Roads, VA in July of 2022 to open our second location. Once our Virginia location is running smoothly, in the upcoming months she will be traveling back and forth to both locations and taking board and trains in both Southern California and Chesapeake, VA. 


Arianna Towns

Ari has been studying and applying the science of behavior analysis for over 7 years, beginning with children who have autism then finding a true calling in doing so with dogs. She holds a bachelors degree in psychology, and is on the cusp of finishing a masters degree in applied behavior analysis.


As head trainer and partial owner in our Southern California location, her joy is in teaching and supporting our Southern California training staff in understanding the root causes or patterns that behavior is founded in. Not only does she take joy in guiding dogs through the multi-step processes needed to modify and teach desired behaviors, she loves coaching handlers through integrating changes to the way that they live with their dog, to make training an individualized and meaningful experience. Specializing in establishing a clear system of communication through fluid and fair use of the e collar, she strives to equip handlers with the confidence in themselves and their dog to explore the world off leash.


Though she has always loved trainingher family dogs growing up, she attributes her introduction into the world of professional dog training to her German Shepherd, Artoo, who serves at her side as the most reliable assistant and sport dog. She is also supported by none other than our very own Woofgang Rehab Alumni, Dipstick, whos down for any adventure and reminds her to take time to enjoy the simple things in life.


Kristin Davis

Kristin is an incredible self-starter who will work tirelessly to inspire her clients and fellow trainers to achieve anything that they put their minds to. Her clients greatly appreciate the consistency in her ability to teach each pup in her care that training is fun, and to recommend a multitude of activities that enrich the lives of the dogs and owners alike.

In her first year of training professionaly, Kristin has achieved titles in dock diving with both her personal dogs and is currently working towards a protection sport title in PSA. 

Kristin is our So Cal Woof Gang Rescue lead and specialist, having rescued dogs all of her life with her family.  


Kat & Kimber

Kat & Kimber came to us as a well developed Service Dog & Handler and AKC Tricks Competitors. They wanted to expand on their training with e-collar conditioning.

Kat & Kimber quickly became not only our dearest friends but an expert handler and a well-rounded and extremely competant Service Dog.

The pair have fostered and trained quite a few Woof Gang Rehab Alumni and continue to help us save, train, and find sport/active homes for our adoptables. They also help us offer discounted boarding rates to our previous clients and rescue alumni by offering limited availability boarding in their home.

Follow their IG to keep up with their many travel adventures as well as get deals and recommendations on all the latest and greatest products for your pup!


Alysa Rubacalba

Alysa came to us for help with her reactive puppy, Poppy. She showed great skill and enthusiasm with the difficult training challenges they face together and wanted to get involved more with Shades Of Blu.

She ended up also adopting 2 more dogs from our rescue and continues to volunteer with our 501c3 Non-Profit, Woof Gang Rehab & Rescue.

Alysa is an expert handler and is skilled and knowledgeable in working with reactive dogs.

Alysa started as Felicia’s personal assistant and currently works as an assistant to our SoCal training team, and helps us offer discounted boarding rates to previous clients and alumni by offering limited availability boarding at her home.

Marketing Specialist

Frank Sandoval

Frank came to us in need of help training his German Shepherd puppy, Dogter Dre. He saw we were struggling with our website and marketing techniques, and has done and continues to do a remarkable job with our content, website design, and marketing needs.

Woof Gang Foster & Trainer / CEO of Blackhawkk9

Samantha Boney

After training together for a short time, Felicia & Sam really hit it off and became the best of friends. Sam opened her own training business, Black Hawk K9, in 2022. Shortly after, she began fostering and training for our 501c3 Non-Profit, Woof Gang Rehab & Rescue. Sam continues to support our rescue with her expertise in protection sport and service training, as well as running our Northern Virginia Woof Gang Location. She runs the most elite training business in Northern Virginia, and we highly recommend her training services to our Woof Gang Alumni, and to the general public.

Assistant Doggo / RETIRED SERVICE DOG / Nap Expert 


Indigo is a 6-year old Siberian Husky/Pomeranian mix and is Felicia’s first personal dog. He has been titled in AKC CGC since he was 1 year old. He is known for his work as a service dog, former therapy dog, Shades of Blu Demo dog, snazzy tricks, and acting as a distraction for client dogs. During his off hours he enjoys long naps on the beach, without interruption.

Assistant Doggo / TRICK DOG / Corporate Spaz


Bluberri is a 5-year old Siberian Husky/Pomeranian mix and is Indigo’s younger sibling. She is known for her crazy eyes, sassy antics, and flying through the air without warning. She enjoys her work as a Shades of Blu Demo Dog, and is preparing for her upcoming involvement in trick and disc competitions.

Assistant Doggo / SERVICE DOG / Upcoming Blues Artist


Kobalt is a 5-year old GSD/Husky mix, rescued by Felicia, at approximately 1 year of age. He is known for his derpy antics, drunk coordination, and of course, his all time favorite, his work as a Service Dog. Kobalt is currently preparing for his upcoming involvement in Nose Work and Dock Diving competitions. Will do anything for pets.

Assistant Doggo


CA Assistant doggo Artoo spends most of his time supervising board & trains (and staff potty breaks), keeping watch over the property, and ensuring job security for the cleaning crew (Ari) by graciously leaving tufts of hair everywhere. He is 6.5 years old and laughing in the face of his near ‘senior’ status by actively learning new skills every day and working in PSA. He often makes special appearances at group classes and in the background working hard at assisting other pups who are working on reactivity or socialization.

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Assistant Doggo


Dipstick uses his degree in House Hippo studies to be an assistant doggo as well. Representing as an alumni of Woofgang Rehab & Rescue, he is in charge of continuously emitting good vibes and making sure everyone takes breaks as a scheduled part of the day. His office can be found wherever there’s a sunny spot, or wherever he is invited to snuggle. He brings the fire to obedience work whenever given the chance, and is a great neutral assistant for client pups during lessons, board & trains, or group classes.

Assistant Doggo / DOCK JUNIOR TITLE / DIVA 


Emi is a 2-year-old all black German Shepherd and is Kristin’s first personal dog.  She is known for being Kristin’s “let’s try it” dog, and has dabbled in whatever sports or tricks that Kristin throws at her.S

he enjoys her work as a Shades Of Blu Demo Dog, and actively participates in dock diving, frisbee, trick dog, and more!

In her free time Emi enjoys accompanying her family on mountain biking adventures.