Mojo Behavior Mod cover
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Behavior Modification

Meant for our best friends who may not be currently excelling at showing their best selves, our behavior modification program helps them put their best paw forward. This program is for dogs whose needs go beyond basic obedience. Welcome one, welcome all to the human biting, dog aggressive, resource guarding, anxiety crippled, barking, digging, counter surfing pups. Shades of Blu trainers are well-versed and have had success in applying proven techniques for behavior change with your pup, and in coaching owners through implementing adjustments to home life to inspire life-long change and rehabilitation of dogs who struggle with the challenges listed above, and more.  

The goal of our behavior modification programs are to equip you and your dog with all the tools and knowledge necessary to expand your world together, and make social gatherings enjoyable for all involved. This program is custom designed and priced to fit the unique needs of each of these very special, but sometimes misunderstood pups, through working with you during a consult or in-person evaluation. 

Because our canine companions with more exuberant challenges require more safety precautions, time, effort, and risk on our trainer’s part our pricing and minimum program lengths are greater when behavior modification is necessary.