2 Week Board & Train



  • 2 week B&T, limited to dogs who have received approval from Shades of Blu staff, meant to serve as a supplement for dogs who have already achieved a high level of advanced obedience, or are looking to polish a foundation. 
  • This program will help to assess your dog's level of drive and discover new stimuli or activities that will be able to reinforce & polish, or add enrichment to an already existing repertoire of obedience through balanced training methods. 
  • Complimentary go-home grooming included, as well as individualized transfer training. Transfer training sessions range from 2-3 hours in length. 
  • Pickup & Drop-off available at trainer discretion, and may incur additional cost dependent on mileage. 
  • This is NOT a program recommended for dogs with behavioral challenges, as there is not enough time to fairly assess and address the root of the behavior within two weeks. We recommend a 4+ week board and train or behavior modification program for those behaviors. 
  • Unlimited Group Class For Life can be included in this purchase upon evaluation of your dog's behavior around novel people and dogs.