Find The Perfect Dog Orientation + 5 HRS



  • You and your family will be interviewed, your preferences will be noted, your home will be viewed, and we will ask you questions about your lifestyle.
  • You will learn everything you will need to know about how to properly care for your dog, and how to get started with training.
  • We will do the leg work for you and with you, whether you want a dog from a breeder, or if you would like to rescue a dog in need. We will come up with a list of breed options for you and your family, and we will continue to assess your options together throughout the selection process.
  • Included in this pricing is the first 5 hours of the selection process where we will plan, search, and help select your dog. Please be aware that we will notify you when the 5 hours have been used and you will be billed in advance in 5 hour increments during the selection process.