4 week Intensive Day Training



Wonderful for the working professional, or the busy family, this program entails 3 days per week of intensive training with your dog, either in our facility or on meaningful training outings appropriate to your dog's current level of obedience. A great alternative to cage free daycare, as your dog will receive one on one, individualized training uniquely designed to accommodate your lifestyle and goals. This program includes appropriately fitted training equipment. Trainers will provide photos and/or videos outlining the techniques and goals of each day's sessions with your pup! 

A minimum of 1 day per week at pickup will be allocated for our trainers to work with you as an owner to provide coaching and support as you implement the techniques that your pup learned in their sessions for that week. Without consistently attending these sessions, your dog's progress will likely be slower than expected and they may require additional weeks of this program in order to achieve your goals.   

This program runs a minimum of 4 weeks. If your pup requires additional days or weeks of training, this will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, and will require purchase of additional training at a weekly rate.