Auggie & Troy

Training with Felicia has changed the WHOLE dynamic of my home! I have two Shih Tzu mixes and my oldest, Troy was a rescue that has a lot of behavioral issues including severe fear aggression. I had taken him to a board and train before and was told he was the most aggressive dog this trainer has seen and that it’s likely that he was untrainable and gave advice to euthanize or not have kids as it would be dangerous. This broke my heart. I was ready to just give up the rest of my life dreams.
I am a dog groomer and we met from one or both of us finding each other on Instagram. And through her stories and posts, I saw that she worked with dogs similar to Troy! So I thought I’d give it a try. She didn’t guarantee that she could help but she gave him a chance and we have seen great results!
We ended up making a choice to get a COVID puppy and he is SO WELL BEHAVED! I bring him to work and my coworkers compliment him saying they have never seen a puppy be so calm and collected! She worked with him from 10 weeks old and he is 9 months old now and people that meet him can hardly believe it.
I will continue to seek guidance from Shades of Blu I have a board and train coming up and I am booking another set of private training for them. I never thought I would have such great communication with my dogs it’s such a gift she has given me. I couldn’t recommend her enough!

Kim, San Diego, CA