We got Freya, a cattle dog/border collie mix, as a puppy and tried our best. But with our inexperience with the breed and proper training techniques, she began resembling a reactive dog. She wasn’t enjoyable to take on walks and introducing her to new people wasn’t easy. We found Ari Towns through her Instagram and signed Freya up for a 6 week board-and-train (BNT) with e-collar. After the BNT I couldn’t believe the work Ari had done. Freya is proficient in a heel, has a highly motivated recall, and we can have her off leash with e collar and trust she’s going to listen. All because Ari taught us how to bridge the gap of communication between us and our dog. I love Freya, that’s easy, but before the BNT with Ari it was stressful to take my dog on walks. Now it’s one of my favorite parts of the day. It’s been 3 months since Freya’s been home and I still get emotional thinking how amazing it is that Ari was able to not only condition Freya properly, but also work with us to continue the success at home! It’s truly rewarding seeing how responsive and engaged Freya is with her training and recall. Thank you Ari, we are eternally grateful for your guidance and wisdom!

Amanda, San Diego, CA