Shades of Blu Dog Training changed my life. Felicia is an amazing trainer. She not only listened to my concerns and goals I had for my dog Kimber, but observed Kimber to better understand what I couldn’t. Felicia made it easy for me to understand – we would work on confidence building and communication, and the rest would follow. And it did. She is realistic about ‘homework’ between training sessions and makes it easy to keep stepping towards goals with Kimber. As a rescue, Kimber’s biggest thing was confidence building and we have come miles from where we were all thanks to Felicia. When we go out Kimber gets complimented all the time on how well behaved she is. She has blossomed into a dog that takes on new challenges in stride. Taking her places isn’t a chore, it’s a fun adventure. I don’t take her on walks, we walk together. I have enjoyed being a dog owner so much more having the knowledge and tools I have now from Felicia. I used to be such a frustrated dog parent with my dog’s behavior, and if you are too please please please give you and your dog the gift that is Felicia.

Kat, San Diego, CA