I cannot say enough good things about Felicia/Shades of Blu. I was a bit scared my puppy didn’t know how to properly play with other dogs, which is what originally prompted me to contact Felicia. We had our first lesson and I learned so much about my dog. She doesn’t just talk about training but also about food, grooming, and insurance. Having someone else tell you about your dog from their professional perspective/opinion can help so much. Felicia was honest and told me that we would need to work hard and use a very structured schedule to have a good relationship with Mac based on his temperament and genetics. We started training with Felicia when Mac was around 12 weeks old so we definitely ran into new challenges as he matured. Eventually, we would have to tackle fears on leash, house manners, and crate training to name a few. Felicia always provided us with ways we can work on Mac’s behavior and I always appreciated that she gave us feedback as to what we were doing wrong and how we can improve our handling skills. It wasn’t just about Mac, it was about my relationship with Mac. I think that is what makes Felicia’s program so great is because she doesn’t just care about your dog, she cares about her clients and truly wants them to have the best lives possible with our dogs. We’re proud private lesson and BnT graduates and I would never hesitate to use her services again in the future when Mac is ready to tackle more advanced obedience and dog sports!

Hanna, San Diego, CA