I know Felicia for about 4 years. She was once my roommate and was volunteering at the Humane Society when she found Max.  She realized how smart he was and suggested that I adopt him.  I frequently go on work trips, so I usually send Mac for a board and train while I am gone.  Max already had very solid basic obedience beforehand, so Felicia works on his fearfulness through confidence building, advanced obedience, and ecollar conditioning.  While he is away at training, Felicia sends training videos daily, and tons of photos and videos of Max having a great time with the other board and trains, resident dogs, and people.  After getting to know Felicia as a friend and as a trainer for years, I am confident that I can trust her and that my dog is in the best hands while I am away.  Max comes home and shows great improvement/progress each time and Felicia is very thorough in making Sure that I am able to handle and keep up with Max’s training. 

Charles Marlette, San Diego CA