Felicia has been a fantastic dog trainer.  My wife and I adopted Mochi, a 2 year old Siberian Husky.  We first enlisted Felicia’s help in the first week of Mochi’s adoption when he showed signs of aggression towards other dogs.  Mochi would lunge towards every dog he sees.  Felicia evaluate Mochi and determined he had leash aggression.  During the first two sessions, we focused on basic training.  BY the end of those sessions, Mochi knew the commands for sit, down, stand, stay, spin, come, hell, touch, and place.  We then worked on Mochi’s leash aggression towards other dogs. Felicia helped Mochi become more comfortable and confident around other dogs by introducing Mochi to her 3 lovely dogs. We worked on training Mochi while her dogs were present.  Also, Felicia and I were able to take Mochi on a few small walks along with one of her dogs, side-by-side.  I was amazed.  Mochi has made a lot of progress.  Presently, Mochi is well-behaved and now plays well with other dogs in the neighborhood.  Felicia has made a big impact in our lives.  I strongly recommend Felicia for all of your dog training needs.  She genuinely cares about not only helping train your dog but also making sure you as the owner know the proper training technique to carry on with the training on a daily basis.

Mark, San Diego CA