Felicia is one of the most humble and caring dog trainer out there. There are a lot of trainers who will tell you want you want to hear instead of what you need to hear. Felicia is one of the only trainers who tells you what you need to hear in order to help you and your dog live your best life. She continually is looking for new ways to improve herself and her training methods. At the end of the day she really cares about helping you and your dog be successful. I would recommend getting in contact only if you are willing to put in the work, and are open to the recommendations she gives. If not, I would go waste your money on another trainer who will tell you exactly what you want to hear which in reality can be a huge disservice to your dog. She taught me what it truly means to love your dog and that is loving them by leading them. My dog was a craigslist puppy and she has a lot of issues. But with Felicia’s guidance and my hard work poppy is making great strides to be the dog we both know she can be. I will never go to another trainer because we are apart of the Blu crew forever.

Alysa Rubalcaba, Riverside CA