West Coast Aussie Pack

Where do I even begin. The first time I met Felicia when she came over to meet my dogs & talk to me about training & what she thought they would need – I was blown away at how thorough she was. She schedules a day/time that works for you both so she can really get to know you, your dogs, your needs and your dogs needs. Then she has this awesome presentation to teach you about the type of training she does & all about the process. She even goes into detail about veterinary care, affordable options, insurance for your dog, diet & behavior, & resources for you to read & look into.

Right away I could tell she genuinely cares about your dogs and helping you no matter how hard of a case it may be. After agreeing to proceed with training she sends over extremely thorough and in depth paperwork so she can fully understand all of your goals and aspirations for you & your doggo.

I have a toddler & 3 dogs and work from home. Two of my dogs were leash aggressive and all 3 had pretty bad anxiety. They went for multiple classes/walks and then stayed for board & training for 3 weeks.

When they came home I had 3 different dogs that I can actually bring out in public around people & other dogs which was unheard of before. They have house manners & I can have fun training them now. I am so grateful for what Shades of Blu has done for my family.

On top of it with her board and train you get free group classes so you can continue your training.

Felicia is incredibly talented & honest which is hard to find. If you’re looking for someone to trust with your precious babies and want results so your dogs can be happy & confident then Felicia with Shades of Blu is your GIRL.

Thank you thank you THANK YOU

Leah, San Diego, CA