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Felicia is an extremely knowledgeable and talented trainer. I'm so grateful I met her when I did. We did a 5 week board & train with our 1 year old golden retriever and the difference in her behavior is incredible! She use to be so scared when we took her to new places and around new people and now she's the life of the party. She's confident, obedient, and still has the same fun loving personality that we love. Felicia is the only person I feel comfortable leaving my dogs with when I need to board them and I can't wait to continue Whiskey's training when she get's a little older. Sara, Newport News, VA

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I have a Bernedoodle named Lucy and she is 14 months old. She is an absolutely great companion for me but she was having some behavior issues because her excitement level was too much when encountering other people. I am disabled and have been home with her 24/7 and never had a reason to not play with or give her attention when she wants it and I think she believed everyone wants to give her that same level of attention causing her to get over excited when seeing people. I used past tense because after spending three weeks in the board and train program with Arianna she is a completely different dog in all the right ways while maintaining everything about her that makes her so special. I am thoroughly amazed with the results and there are not words that can convey how strongly I recommend Arianna as a trainer. From the moment you meet her you will instantly be comfortable sending your dog away with her. When your dog comes home you will be grateful you made the call and arranged to have Arianna train your dog. Your dog will be in a loving and caring environment which should always be the priority. But the results are the reason we seek a trainer and you will be thrilled with the results. Todd, San Diego, CA

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We got Freya, a cattle dog/border collie mix, as a puppy and tried our best. But with our inexperience with the breed and proper training techniques, she began resembling a reactive dog. She wasn’t enjoyable to take on walks and introducing her to new people wasn’t easy. We found Ari Towns through her Instagram and signed Freya up for a 6 week board-and-train (BNT) with e-collar. After the BNT I couldn’t believe the work Ari had done. Freya is proficient in a heel, has a highly motivated recall, and we can have her off leash with e collar and trust she’s going to listen. All because Ari taught us how to bridge the gap of communication between us and our dog. I love Freya, that’s easy, but before the BNT with Ari it was stressful to take my dog on walks. Now it’s one of my favorite parts of the day. It’s been 3 months since Freya’s been home and I still get emotional thinking how amazing it is that Ari was able to not only condition Freya properly, but also work with us to continue the success at home! It's truly rewarding seeing how responsive and engaged Freya is with her training and recall. Thank you Ari, we are eternally grateful for your guidance and wisdom! Amanda, San Diego, CA

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Miko & Lupin

I sent both my boys for a board and train and was shocked at the progress. One was only 3 months when he went- and though he still has his puppy moments it was amazing to see the transformation. My older one has previously been to another board and train with a different company for 2 weeks though it needed to be done again and i am more then pleased with the results i got after the new b&t class. Even after the B&T class, the training didn't stop, there are group classes, meet up sessions (i think we spent over an hour at home depot just touching up on things they learned at training) and frequent training material always available. If cost is a concern this company also has financing which was a win for us!If you need training give the company a call and see all the different options Crystal, Chesapeake, VA

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Teddy & Millie

I highly recommend Shades of Blu’s board + train program! My enormous, anxious, reactive, and energetic 2yo chocolate lab came home after 7 weeks with leash manners, obedience, and confidence training that made both of our lives better. I now have the tools to continue his training to help ease his anxiety in new situations and the foundations that Felicia and her team worked hard to establish have made huge changes in our home already. The follow up transfer training sessions and opportunity for group lessons is icing on the cake! We can’t wait to perfect our training (dog and humans!) with Felicia’s continued guidance and assistance. Her approach to training and offerings were the perfect fit for our busy family and her practical, realistic advice make maintaining our progress actually achievable. So thankful we found Felicia and Shades of Blu! Looking forward to our continued relationship! Sam, Newport News, VA

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I am so grateful for Felicia! She is an extremely talented and knowledgeable trainer as well as an awesome human being. I came to her as a first time dog owner with a very energetic border collie puppy that I had no idea how to train. Not only did Felicia train my dog, but she also trained me how to be a good dog owner and handler. She was very honest and told me exactly what my dog needed. We did lessons and a 4 week Board & Train. We were out of the country during her B&T and it was a huge relief knowing that she was in a safe place where she was very well taken care of. We got updates on her progress every week along with photos and videos of her training. When she finished B&T she had advanced obedience and could walk in heel off-leash! Not to mention the complete change in her confidence! Before she was so skittish and scared of everything like loud noises, cars moving fast, and big crowds. Felicia boosted her confidence so much and then she showed us how to do it so that we could continue to work on it. Now we take her with us everywhere we go. She is so well behaved now and an absolute dream dog off-leash. Training with Shades Of Blu was the best decision we made. Felicia truly cares about helping you have a great relationship with your dog. She also gives you the opportunity to continue training after B&T through free group classes! Group classes are so much fun and it is really nice to be around like minded individuals with well behaved dogs working together. She now also offers training in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, VA. If you are thinking about training with Shades Of Blu, you will not be disappointed. Thank you Felicia! Bryce, Aaron, & Taz, San Diego, CA.

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Felicia just recently turned my Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd, Scarlett, back over to me after a 5 week Board & Train. For as young as Scarlett is, her level of obedience is very impressive. To start the turnover training Felicia brought Scarlett out of the house off-leash and heeled up next to her until she was let loose to potty then recalled her to begin showing me what she has learned and what Felicia has instilled in her. During the entire 5 weeks I was constantly getting videos and pictures sent to me as updates of the training that was going on. I am very happy with the investment I have made into my dog's training with Felicia that I will not only continue to utilize her for further training with Scarlett but also will be utilizing her to work with my labs. I highly recommend her services to anyone in the Hampton Roads area. Sean McLaughlin, Chesapeake, VA

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My male German Shepherd dealt with fear aggression towards other dogs, and it would cause him to be reactive. My bond with my boy has only grown stronger since finding Felicia. She helped my boy become more confident during the 3 weeks of Board & Train. I am proud of the hard work he and I did to help him become more balanced. Owning an animal is a life commitment. Felicia will be the first one to tell you that. Mariah Ochoa, Menifee, CA

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I can't recommend Felicia highly enough. We rescued a puppy who was terrified of new people, new places, really of everything and was reactive in these situations. We couldn't take her anywhere or have new people at our house without a meltdown and putting extreme stress on her. We did the private lessons and a Board & Train package with Shades Of Blu. She came back a totally different dog. She is happier, confident, and a well-balanced dog now. We're able to take her on walks, to restaurants and around new people comfortably AND she enjoys it! We get compliments on her constantly because she is so well behaved and friendly now. I would recommend Felicia to anyone, especially someone who has a pup that is fearful, reactive, or needs confidence building. Also, our dog gets SO excited to see Felicia anytime we see her which is comforting knowing that they bonded while she was boarded with her, it can be nerve wracking sending your pup away. Rachel Sorrells, San Diego, CA

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I adopted Yoshi from Felicia's Non-Profit Rescue, Woof Gang Rehab. Felicia has built a great community of folks that care about their dogs' manners and wellbeing. She will work with you on all kinds of behavior issues and her support goes well beyond your Board & Train or classes. Once you're in with her you have ongoing support and a whole community of folks like us to practice with or get together socially. She truly cares about you and your dog's relationship and I've seen some pretty reactive dogs flip their behavior after spending a couple of weeks with her. She is not one to back away from a challenge. My pup is a much happier, more confident dog because of her help and we get compliments ALL the time on how obedient and well behaved he is. Hannah Peterson, Seattle, WA

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