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I am so grateful for Felicia! She is an extremely talented and knowledgeable trainer as well as an awesome human being. I came to her as a first time dog owner with a very energetic border collie puppy that I had no idea how to train. Not only did Felicia train my dog, but she also trained me how to be a good dog owner and handler. She was very honest and told me exactly what my dog needed. We did lessons and a 4 week Board & Train. We were out of the country during her B&T and it was a huge relief knowing that she was in a safe place where she was very well taken care of. We got updates on her progress every week along with photos and videos of her training. When she finished B&T she had advanced obedience and could walk in heel off-leash! Not to mention the complete change in her confidence! Before she was so skittish and scared of everything like loud noises, cars moving fast, and big crowds. Felicia boosted her confidence so much and then she showed us how to do it so that we could continue to work on it. Now we take her with us everywhere we go. She is so well behaved now and an absolute dream dog off-leash. Training with Shades Of Blu was the best decision we made. Felicia truly cares about helping you have a great relationship with your dog. She also gives you the opportunity to continue training after B&T through free group classes! Group classes are so much fun and it is really nice to be around like minded individuals with well behaved dogs working together. She now also offers training in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, VA. If you are thinking about training with Shades Of Blu, you will not be disappointed. Thank you Felicia! Bryce, Aaron, & Taz, San Diego, CA.

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Felicia just recently turned my Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd, Scarlett, back over to me after a 5 week Board & Train. For as young as Scarlett is, her level of obedience is very impressive. To start the turnover training Felicia brought Scarlett out of the house off-leash and heeled up next to her until she was let loose to potty then recalled her to begin showing me what she has learned and what Felicia has instilled in her. During the entire 5 weeks I was constantly getting videos and pictures sent to me as updates of the training that was going on. I am very happy with the investment I have made into my dog's training with Felicia that I will not only continue to utilize her for further training with Scarlett but also will be utilizing her to work with my labs. I highly recommend her services to anyone in the Hampton Roads area. Sean McLaughlin, Chesapeake, VA

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My male German Shepherd dealt with fear aggression towards other dogs, and it would cause him to be reactive. My bond with my boy has only grown stronger since finding Felicia. She helped my boy become more confident during the 3 weeks of Board & Train. I am proud of the hard work he and I did to help him become more balanced. Owning an animal is a life commitment. Felicia will be the first one to tell you that. Mariah Ochoa, Menifee, CA

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I can't recommend Felicia highly enough. We rescued a puppy who was terrified of new people, new places, really of everything and was reactive in these situations. We couldn't take her anywhere or have new people at our house without a meltdown and putting extreme stress on her. We did the private lessons and a Board & Train package with Shades Of Blu. She came back a totally different dog. She is happier, confident, and a well-balanced dog now. We're able to take her on walks, to restaurants and around new people comfortably AND she enjoys it! We get compliments on her constantly because she is so well behaved and friendly now. I would recommend Felicia to anyone, especially someone who has a pup that is fearful, reactive, or needs confidence building. Also, our dog gets SO excited to see Felicia anytime we see her which is comforting knowing that they bonded while she was boarded with her, it can be nerve wracking sending your pup away. Rachel Sorrells, San Diego, CA

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I adopted Yoshi from Felicia's Non-Profit Rescue, Woof Gang Rehab. Felicia has built a great community of folks that care about their dogs' manners and wellbeing. She will work with you on all kinds of behavior issues and her support goes well beyond your Board & Train or classes. Once you're in with her you have ongoing support and a whole community of folks like us to practice with or get together socially. She truly cares about you and your dog's relationship and I've seen some pretty reactive dogs flip their behavior after spending a couple of weeks with her. She is not one to back away from a challenge. My pup is a much happier, more confident dog because of her help and we get compliments ALL the time on how obedient and well behaved he is. Hannah Peterson, Seattle, WA

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Auggie & Troy

Training with Felicia has changed the WHOLE dynamic of my home! I have two Shih Tzu mixes and my oldest, Troy was a rescue that has a lot of behavioral issues including severe fear aggression. I had taken him to a board and train before and was told he was the most aggressive dog this trainer has seen and that it’s likely that he was untrainable and gave advice to euthanize or not have kids as it would be dangerous. This broke my heart. I was ready to just give up the rest of my life dreams.I am a dog groomer and we met from one or both of us finding each other on Instagram. And through her stories and posts, I saw that she worked with dogs similar to Troy! So I thought I’d give it a try. She didn’t guarantee that she could help but she gave him a chance and we have seen great results!We ended up making a choice to get a COVID puppy and he is SO WELL BEHAVED! I bring him to work and my coworkers compliment him saying they have never seen a puppy be so calm and collected! She worked with him from 10 weeks old and he is 9 months old now and people that meet him can hardly believe it.I will continue to seek guidance from Shades of Blu I have a board and train coming up and I am booking another set of private training for them. I never thought I would have such great communication with my dogs it’s such a gift she has given me. I couldn’t recommend her enough! Kim, San Diego, CA

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We adopted our dog Waffles/Wednesday from shades of blu. We couldn’t be happier with the experience. Felicia provided a very detailed personality and obedience profile of the dog and couldn’t have been more accommodating with us during the process. We were extra careful about getting another dog because and Felicia was willing to let us go slow with the process. Having a dog that comes trained reduces so much stress that normally comes with getting a new dog. Waffles was ready “out of the box” to be the best behaved dog we’ve ever owned. Mike & Aly, San Diego, CA

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Felicia and the trainers at Shades of Blu are truly amazing. My husband and I rescued our first puppy from Woof Gang Rehab (also run by Felicia) and we have had the best experience with them so far. We have learned so much about dog behavior and psychology, and the proper tools to use to effectively train a dog. If not for Shades of Blu, we would not know as much as we do now about training a dog to make sure they live the best life. We could not be happier with the progress our pup has made since working with Shades of Blu, and we can't wait to see how she does at her two week board and train with Shades of Blu. Zach & Sam, Fullerton, CA

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Felicia has provided excellent support and services to me and my dog. She was passionate and dedicated to her work and that reflects in their time with you and your pet. Felicia is tough and honest and won’t just tell you what you want to hear, which is vital for real growth & progress. I have a Samoyed and he is stubborn and willful but met his match in Felicia and the rest of the Blu crew. Through training, he has become much more respectful and focused, even while giving space for his unique preferences and traits as a northern breed & independent dog. We are still learning and growing but know we can go far with the skills we’ve both gained and Blu’s continued help!! Highly recommend Shades of Blu for any owner who wants to commit to a better life for their dog through balanced training. Meg, San Diego, CA

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West Coast Aussie Pack

Where do I even begin. The first time I met Felicia when she came over to meet my dogs & talk to me about training & what she thought they would need - I was blown away at how thorough she was. She schedules a day/time that works for you both so she can really get to know you, your dogs, your needs and your dogs needs. Then she has this awesome presentation to teach you about the type of training she does & all about the process. She even goes into detail about veterinary care, affordable options, insurance for your dog, diet & behavior, & resources for you to read & look into. Right away I could tell she genuinely cares about your dogs and helping you no matter how hard of a case it may be. After agreeing to proceed with training she sends over extremely thorough and in depth paperwork so she can fully understand all of your goals and aspirations for you & your doggo. I have a toddler & 3 dogs and work from home. Two of my dogs were leash aggressive and all 3 had pretty bad anxiety. They went for multiple classes/walks and then stayed for board & training for 3 weeks. When they came home I had 3 different dogs that I can actually bring out in public around people & other dogs which was unheard of before. They have house manners & I can have fun training them now. I am so grateful for what Shades of Blu has done for my family. On top of it with her board and train you get free group classes so you can continue your training. Felicia is incredibly talented & honest which is hard to find. If you're looking for someone to trust with your precious babies and want results so your dogs can be happy & confident then Felicia with Shades of Blu is your GIRL. Thank you thank you THANK YOU Leah, San Diego, CA

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