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My dog used to be skittish and fearful and she would run away if a door opened. Now she is a fully trained service animal that won’t leave my side - even without the leash. She’s disciplined without being told what to do and walks in a perfect heel, on leash and off leash. This is the best trainer. One training session made all the difference, it was like night and day. This dog has completely transformed to be one of the most obedient dogs I have ever seen, and even strangers tell me the same thing. This is the best trainer out there. Hands down. Every dog is capable.

Elle, Huntington Beach, CA

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Felicia is the best! She has taught us owners and our pup so much and we always have a fun time training with her. We first thought that basic training at a pet store would suffice but not a chance. This training was worth every penny and the group classes that we have access to now are always a good refresher and a good time. Felicia has taken my dog for a few board and trains too and she always comes back on her best behavior and I never have to worry that she isn't being taken care of. Looking forward to the agility course! Thanks for everything!

Breann, San Diego, CA

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I don’t know that my Shepherd and I would have the strong bond and stable relationship that we have if not for Felicia and her Blu Crew! A true no-nonsense advocate for your dog and an educator on all things canine (seriously, ask her about more than dog training, she’ll have the answers you need most of the time). From the multitude of services Shades of Blu provides, you’re going to find the right shade of training for you. But wait, there’s more! Felicia has also built a life-changing community of dog owners who inspire and support each other on the daily, and we’ve all met through Shades of Blu! We love you Shades of Blu!!!

Arianna, San Diego, CA

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I found Felicia through a friend and from the second she came to our house I knew she was the best choice for our dog. I was pregnant with our first child and wanted Thor to be on his best behavior as a new big brother. He is an almost 100lb dog that needed a little extra training to be able to handle him and a baby. We started with weekly in him trainings and worked on things the Felicia taught us on our own. Once the baby was arriving we did a ten day board and train. Thor came home on his absolute best behavior. She learned all about our lifestyle and what we really wanted in our dog and she exceeded our expectations. She is very realistic and knows that you are learning. In ten short days she was able to teach him to heal with a stroller, walk off leash, and listen to us when in our home. I could go on and on about how much we love her training. She puts together awesome group trainings that make it fun for you and the dog. I suggest her to anyone I know with a puppy or and older dog they want to be trained. You will not be disappointed and it is worth the investment for you and your dog.

Kaylie McKeirnan, Menifee CA

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We highly recommend Felicia/Shades of Blu Dog Training! We originally sought help with our Belgian Malinois puppy Bodie. He had some issues with walking on the leash in public. He would pull toward people and dogs sometimes aggressively. We were also struggling with basic obedience with our stubborn boy. We sent him to the Board and Train program for a few weeks and we were so impressed with his progress in such a short time. We felt like we had a new dog! Felicia gave us the tools to continue training Bodie and also included our other pup. Now we actually enjoy training and working with both our dogs. Felicia is very professional and knowledgeable and is always available for questions/concerns.

Ron & Liz Page, Escondido CA

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Our German Shepherd puppy was showing signs of reactivity and was having a hard time on walks. Felicia was immediately helpful showing us how to provide structure for our dog and get the most out of his driven personality. Only a few months later, at 6 months old our little monster is now incredibly obedient and driven to work. We're excited to continue our training with Felicia and take our pup's performance to the next level!

Frank Sandoval, Menifee CA

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Felicia Valenti trained our dog, Harley, we adopted from her rescue, Wolfgang rehab & rescue. Harley had been returned multiple times while in public shelters and was even on the Euth List. We understand this dog had behavioral problems, but Felicia did SUCH a great job with her that Harley is a fantastic member of our pack now! We cannot imagine our lives without her. Felicia has continued to provide training while Harley adjusts to our home and she literally gives the best advice and training tips. Thank you Felicia for rescuing Harley (aka Nebula) and introducing us to her! We look forward to continue our training with Felicia, since it is going so well. If you want results, contact Felicia.

Joanna Benavidez, San Diego CA

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Felicia is one of the most humble and caring dog trainer out there. There are a lot of trainers who will tell you want you want to hear instead of what you need to hear. Felicia is one of the only trainers who tells you what you need to hear in order to help you and your dog live your best life. She continually is looking for new ways to improve herself and her training methods. At the end of the day she really cares about helping you and your dog be successful. I would recommend getting in contact only if you are willing to put in the work, and are open to the recommendations she gives. If not, I would go waste your money on another trainer who will tell you exactly what you want to hear which in reality can be a huge disservice to your dog. She taught me what it truly means to love your dog and that is loving them by leading them. My dog was a craigslist puppy and she has a lot of issues. But with Felicia's guidance and my hard work poppy is making great strides to be the dog we both know she can be. I will never go to another trainer because we are apart of the Blu crew forever.

Alysa Rubalcaba, Riverside CA

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We got Cola last summer as our first puppy. Although he was pretty food-motivated, he still had a lot of issues such as barking, fear, potty issues, etc. Fortunately we were referred to Felicia as Cola’s trainer. She impressed us by showing her professionalism at our first private lesson. As we both work full-time and do not have the flexibility to come home during the day to let Cola out, we hired Felicia as Cola’s private trainer of the Daily In Hope program and we saw our puppy making swift progress along the journey. She came to our home on a daily basis, spent 30mins with Cola on the basic obedience training and took him out to potty. She also gave us a lot of feedback even on days when we weren’t able to watch her training Cola. We then signed Cola up for impressive three week board & train program at 6 months of age where he learned advanced obedience. At this point, both ourselves and our friends were all very surprised at Cola’s maturity as a young puppy. Having Felicia as Cola’s trainer has made our life much easier as Cola knows exactly what we want him to do now. Felicia was also very responsive with Cola’s fear issues and relayed to us almost everything she knew about puppies. When we had questions that went beyond basic training, she was ready to give us comprehensive responses. We would definitely recommend Felicia and her puppy training program!

David & Shirley Liu, San Diego CA

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I know Felicia for about 4 years. She was once my roommate and was volunteering at the Humane Society when she found Max. She realized how smart he was and suggested that I adopt him. I frequently go on work trips, so I usually send Mac for a board and train while I am gone. Max already had very solid basic obedience beforehand, so Felicia works on his fearfulness through confidence building, advanced obedience, and ecollar conditioning. While he is away at training, Felicia sends training videos daily, and tons of photos and videos of Max having a great time with the other board and trains, resident dogs, and people. After getting to know Felicia as a friend and as a trainer for years, I am confident that I can trust her and that my dog is in the best hands while I am away. Max comes home and shows great improvement/progress each time and Felicia is very thorough in making Sure that I am able to handle and keep up with Max’s training.

Charles Marlette, San Diego CA

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