Our Mission

Building a Balanced Lifestyle

Our Mission here at Shades Of Blu Dog Training INC is to facilitate the best possible human-canine relationship we can achieve for our clients. We strive to educate and empower dog owners by teaching them how to counteract the ways in which our society has failed at producing a functional “dog culture”. The very information that most new owners naively adhere to, is far too often the major cause of our canine friend’s behavioral shortcomings. In order to establish and maintain an appropriate and psychologically sound relationship with our canine companions, we must stop treating them like little angel babies, and more like canines. Our mission is to develop a community of dog owners and handlers that can help the world recognize the changes that are desperately needed in American Dog Culture, which in turn, will prevent the behavioral issues that are causing dogs to become anxious, fearful, aggressive, and even euthanized in shelters all over the world.

    Our biological and balanced approach to dog training has never failed when our clients put in the necessary effort and work. We teach our clients how to keep their dogs biologically and psychologically fulfilled, while teaching them the obedience and structure they will need to succeed in their daily lives together.