I can’t recommend Felicia highly enough. We rescued a puppy who was terrified of new people, new places, really of everything and was reactive in these situations. We couldn’t take her anywhere or have new people at our house without a meltdown and putting extreme stress on her. We did the private lessons and a Board & Train package with Shades Of Blu. She came back a totally different dog. She is happier, confident, and a well-balanced dog now. We’re able to take her on walks, to restaurants and around new people comfortably AND she enjoys it! We get compliments on her constantly because she is so well behaved and friendly now. I would recommend Felicia to anyone, especially someone who has a pup that is fearful, reactive, or needs confidence building. Also, our dog gets SO excited to see Felicia anytime we see her which is comforting knowing that they bonded while she was boarded with her, it can be nerve wracking sending your pup away.

Rachel Sorrells, San Diego, CA