I have a Bernedoodle named Lucy and she is 14 months old. She is an absolutely great companion for me but she was having some behavior issues because her excitement level was too much when encountering other people.

I am disabled and have been home with her 24/7 and never had a reason to not play with or give her attention when she wants it and I think she believed everyone wants to give her that same level of attention causing her to get over excited when seeing people.

I used past tense because after spending three weeks in the board and train program with Arianna she is a completely different dog in all the right ways while maintaining everything about her that makes her so special.

I am thoroughly amazed with the results and there are not words that can convey how strongly I recommend Arianna as a trainer. From the moment you meet her you will instantly be comfortable sending your dog away with her. When your dog comes home you will be grateful you made the call and arranged to have Arianna train your dog.

Your dog will be in a loving and caring environment which should always be the priority. But the results are the reason we seek a trainer and you will be thrilled with the results.

Todd, San Diego, CA