Felicia just recently turned my Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd, Scarlett, back over to me after a 5 week Board & Train. For as young as Scarlett is, her level of obedience is very impressive. To start the turnover training Felicia brought Scarlett out of the house off-leash and heeled up next to her until she was let loose to potty then recalled her to begin showing me what she has learned and what Felicia has instilled in her. During the entire 5 weeks I was constantly getting videos and pictures sent to me as updates of the training that was going on. I am very happy with the investment I have made into my dog’s training with Felicia that I will not only continue to utilize her for further training with Scarlett but also will be utilizing her to work with my labs. I highly recommend her services to anyone in the Hampton Roads area.

Sean McLaughlin, Chesapeake, VA